How We're Managing Coronavirus at Timbecon

Melbourne Store Update 26th October 2020

The Victorian Government announcement today has confirmed that Melbourne is moving to Step Three of the Roadmap for Reopening. This means that as of 9am Wednesday 28th October the Melbourne store will be reopening!

In a nutshell this is how we will be operating in the Melbourne store. For a more detailed explanation please read below the bullet points.

  • One-Hour Click N Collect is still alive and well
  • All Sherwood machinery is on display and looking good!
  • All other products are available upon request at our new trade counter
  • A new demonstration area is under construction/fit-out (a work in progress to be completed mid-late November)
  • You will need to follow all normal CoVid protocols in-store (you know the drill - mandatory mask wearing, hand sanitizing, social distancing etc.)

As a business we have never stood still, we are always evolving and changing. We have been working on a new Melbourne store layout during the lockdown that is quite different from the old one. The full range of Sherwood machinery, including all the new models we’ve launched in past months, is on display. We recommend coming in to check them out!

But the old aisles to browse is gone, replaced with a new trade counter and a demonstration area. The fit-out of the demonstration area has started and will be getting completed in coming weeks - offering a unique shopping experience where you won’t see the products hanging in packets on the shelf, they’ll be out, assembled and ready for demonstration. The new long bench (it is really, really long!) is in place, all we have to do now is get the tools and accessories out and on display. We will be doing this while the store is open so you will be able to see the progress when you come in.

We will continue to offer the One-Hour Click N Collect that has proven so popular so if you know what you need and want to come in and grab something quickly we recommend this option. If you do come in-store without placing an order, you can order at the counter and our new dedicated Click N Collect guys will prioritise your order to get it in your hands and on your way ASAP. 

Why are we making these changes? And why aren't we ready yet? 

Unfortunately we have just run out of time to get this all done prior to reopening. But the store is definitely ready for guests again and we have done all the hard (and noisy) work of the fit-out, all that's left is the quick and fun bit getting all the tools and accessories out and on display so that we can show you the great range that we have. 

Why can't we keep the old format you ask? Looking forward to coming years - a lot more people are shopping from home getting goods delivered direct to their front door. So we have made the decision to improve our efficiency getting orders out the door and maintaining a retail store and warehouse is harder for doing this than it looks. 

Also, we're customers going to other shops - we've found that leading retailers are doing more than just stacking products on a shelf for us to browse.

If you know what you want, we can have it ready for you to pick up and be on your way via One Hour Click N Collect. But for more complex items that need further explanation and demonstration, we will have this setup for you to see what you really need to get the job done. 

We know that some of our customers won't be 100% happy with the new way of doing things but then we also know that there will be others that really like it. It is probably going to take some getting used to and we'll be watching closely and making tweaks where necessary to make it work as well as we can.

If you don't think you like the idea of coming in and telling us what you want, then waiting for us to collect your items from the warehouse, then we highly recommend using the Click N Collect option. You'll be in and out within minutes and save on the freight. 

If you do like the idea of checking out more of our range out of its packaging and in use then you're going to love it. And what we're working on now is just the beginning - over the next year we'll be bringing in a lot of great things to the retail space that will change it from being a regular old store to a place where you'll want to come and spend more time. 

Normal Perth Store Trading 

The Perth store is unaffected by the new Victorian restrictions and continues to operate as per normal.  

  • We ask all customers to use provided hand sanitiser upon entering the store
  • We have reduced the number of operating cash registers on the counter to two to comply with social distancing
  • We will practice social distancing whilst serving you in-store
  • We urge customers to use electronic payments instead of cash in-store
  • If you are unsure or need more information about Coronavirus please visit