Striplox Connector Starter Kits

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    Striplox Connector Starter Kits

    Revolutionise connecting while reducing clutter

    How can you make the world’s easiest joining system even simpler? By combining all of Striplox’s joining solutions in a comprehensive starter kit.

    Striplox connectors and positioning jigs are an award-winning, easy and highly durable alternative to ordinary bolt and screw joins, utilising heat stabilised, glass-reinforced nylon materials to offer unparalleled ease of joinery for any tradesman or DIYer.   

    Now these connectors come in handy 43 or 78 piece assorted kits containing everything needed to let Striplox revolutionise your workshop. 

    Why Striplox Starter Kits?

    Striplox connectors are designed to make your builds quicker and easier, by providing an innovative alternative to traditional screws and bolts. Far more flexible, Striplox eliminate the material damage that can be caused by other joiners and can be used on timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features and more.

    While these connectors are quickly taking over workshops and site yards due to their excellent strength and ease of installation, it can be a challenge to keep multiple varieties organised so you’ve always got the ideal join for the job. Both the Deluxe and Small Starter Kits keep every connector in the Striplox range neatly organised, from the 23mm Striplox Pro all the way up to the 241mm Mega-Lox, providing the avid enthusiast everything they need to complete a wide variety of projects.

    Specifically designed for durable transportation and easy access, Striplox’s compact heavy-duty case is as at home on the workbench as it is in the back of the ute.


    Striplox Deluxe Kit

    Striplox Starter Kit

    Heavy-duty carry case with reinforced Tactix plastic lid 

    Heavy-duty carry case with reinforced Tactix plastic lid 


    Gripped opening clips

    Gripped opening clips


    Striplox Pro 55 x 6 

    Striplox Pro 55 x 4


    Striplox Pro 23 x 6 

    Striplox Pro 23 x 4


    Striplox Clip 50 x 6 

    Striplox Clip 50 x 4 


    Striplox 90D 98mm White x 6 

    Striplox 90D 98mm White x 4 


    Striplox Mini 60mm x 12 

    Striplox Mini 60mm x 4 


    Striplox Mini 120mm x 6 

    Striplox Mini 120mm x 4 


    Striplox Mega-Lox 241mm-9.5”3/8” x 6 

    Striplox Mega-Lox 241mm-9.5”3/8” x 4 


    Striplox 180D 114mm 4” BLK x 4 

    Striplox 180D 114mm 4” BLK x 2   

    Striplox Griplox No.20 Biscuits x 20 

    Striplox Griplox No.20 Biscuits x 10 


    Striplox pro 55 jig (set) Red x 2 

    Striplox pro 55 jig (set) Red x 2 


    Striplox clip50 jig (set) Red x 2 

    Striplox clip 50 jig (set) Red x 2 


    Striplox pro 23 jig (set) Red x 2 

    Striplox pro 23 jig (set) Red x 2 


    Free mark out template and instruction pamphlet

    Free mark out template and instruction pamphlet


    Which Striplox Starter Kit is right for me?

    Both the 43 and 78 piece kits contain models from the entire range of Striplox products, with the Deluxe Kit containing ten additional Striplox Griplox No.20 Biscuits, eight additional Striplox 60mm connectors and two more Striplox 120mm, 180D 114mm, Mega-Lox 241mm, Clip 50, Pro 23 and Pro 55 models. 

    The 43-piece starter kit is perfect for those looking at trialling Striplox jigs and connectors, offering a comprehensive array for new users. But if you’re already a Striplox convert or just looking to take on large-scale projects, then the depth of variety with the 78-piece kit will have you looking like a professional while saving valuable time and money. 

    For DIY joins that’ll make any tradie jealous, choose a Striplox Starter Kit today.  


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