Stainless 300mm Rule

  • Stainless 300mm Rule IG-34012-N

    A stainless rule that is handy for use in the workshop. It is 12in long with 1/32th graduations on one side and 1/64th graduations on the other. On this side both zero and 12in are the ends of the rule itself.

    More importantly, on the metric side, there are graduations every millimetre on one side and every 1/2 millimetre on the other side. 

    At 1mm thick it is rigid enough without being heavy and all lines are acid-etched in fine black lines to make it relatively easy to line it up by eye.

    Can be paired with the iGaging Rule Stop (sold separately) to use as a depth gauge for layouts and repeatable work. 

    $4.00 (inc GST)

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