Square Cabinet Scraper Set

  • Square Cabinet Scraper Set 05-K-3010

    Most cabinet scrapers are sheared from spring steel, hardened to Rc38-42. These scrapers are harder (Rc48-52) and hold an edge longer. The edges are carefully milled to a square, sharp 90° ready for immediate use on fine work. For heavy-duty use, a hook must be burnished onto them. The prepared edges not only save you the initial effort of filing and stoning, but indicate the condition they should be in the next time you intend to put a hook on them.

    The scrapers come in four thicknesses. The two thinnest, used for fine work, are 2" x 6" (51mm x 152mm). The two thicker ones are 2-3/8" x 6" (60mm x 150mm) and are for heavier stock removal, the 1mm scraper being suitable for paint removal. All come with edge guards and complete resharpening instructions.

    Scrapers are indispensable tools for smoothing wooden surfaces. Well sharpened and given a fine hook, they are useful for removing the finest shavings, thus providing smoother and geometrically more precise surfaces than can be achieved by sanding. By varying the angle, pressure or curvature you can achieve good results even with irregular grain (e.g. knots, inlays, parquetry etc.).

    To create the required hook on the cutting edge, the scraper steel must be somewhat ductile, but it should still be hard enough to ensure good edge-holding ability. A hardness of 40-50RC, as with the scrapers offered here, has proven favourable for these contrasting requirements. Fine-grit waterstones for finishing the cutting edges are recommended; a diamond stone or flat file can be used for truing.

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