Spokeshave Low-Angle PMV-11 Blade

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    Spokeshave Low-Angle PMV-11 Blade

    The result of two years of testing and a complicated scientific process - what blade can boast that?

    When Veritas set out to make a new and improved blade, they don't cut any corners. The PM in the product title refers to powder metallurgy, a process of atomising molten metals with rotating cooling and hardening, before heating it under pressure to form an ingot.

    In many ways its an ancient blacksmith's process, brought into the 21st century with sensational results. Also note, as PMV-11 blades become the steel of choice for Veritas, the O5-P-3273 blade replaces 05-P-3201.


    • Industry-leading innovation
    • Unique alloy materials
    • Very find, uniform grain structure
    • Incredibly durable design
    • Far more impervious to dulling, damage or wear and tear than many competitors
    • Retains a keen edge through lengthened use

    They're just as easy to sharpen on a wetstone as an A2 blade, but they last twice as long. To be honest, they're probably as close as you're going to get to the perfect planer blade.

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    Spokeshave Low-Angle Replacement Blade PMV-11
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