Spear and Jackson Resharpenable Skewback Saws

  • Spear and Jackson Resharpenable Skewback Saws

    Two fantastic traditional saw options - we just had to stock them!

    Sometimes we all like to get back to basics and feel timber in our hands - so we couldn't go past these Spear & Jackson handsaws. Sure you can get a pile of throw-away handsaws at your local hardware stores but these are just about the only handsaws still being made in the UK to traditional standards with a traditional handle. They are sharp for immediate use but are made to be resharpened when getting blunt be in your tool collection for as long as you need them to be. Plus they perform like a handsaw should! Unlike those cheaper new one's around now, they will saw straight and true without buckling or you cursing.

    If you don't know the history, Spear & Jackson were officially established in May 1957 but also have a proud heritage dating back to the 1700’s. Most of their best products, like these saws, are still manufactured by its parent company based in Sheffield England.

    Available in Two Sizes - 

    • Blade Size 550mm with 10TPI for reatively finer cuts or
    • Blade Size 650mm with 7TPI which will tear through building timber with ease

    Features At A Glance

    • High Quality Solid Timber Handle
    • Skewback Design
    • Precision Cross Ground Teeth for Extra Sharpness
    • High Carbon Sheffield Steel Blade with Protective Lacquer
    550mm 10TPI
    $79.90 (inc GST)
    650mm 7TPI
    $99.00 (inc GST)

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