Spear and Jackson Rafter Square

  • Spear and Jackson Rafter Square SJRSM

    Rafter squares are an essential carpentry and workshop tool.

    Rafter squares allow the accurate cutting of rafters, stairs and other similar projects for carpenters. The ledge also makes it handy as a workshop tool because it can be used freestanding for squaring or setting 45° angles on saw blades etc. using either of the two appropriate sides. It also makes it a quick and easy tool for doing measurements along these two axes where the marking of the measurement is as good as your eye and pencil.

    We believe one of the best rafter squares in the business comes from Spear & Jackson, the UK's famed traditional woodworking specialists.

    • Sturdy Aluminium Construction
    • Stamped Conversion Tables
    • Thick Frame Designs Ensure Safe Use With A Saw or Knife Guide
    • Angles from 0 to 90 Degrees Can be Marked Quickly and Easily
    • Solid 4.5mm thick All Aluminium Body
    • All Metric Scale
    • High Contrast Graduation & Numerals
    • Protractor Function
    • HIP-VAL Top Cut Calculation
    • Common Rafter Conversion table built in
    • Parallel Scribe Feature at 5mm Intervals
    • Can be used as a Marker Gauge
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