Snappy Tungsten-Carbide Countersink Drill Bits

  • Snappy Tungsten-Carbide Countersink Drill Bits

    Tungsten-Carbide countersinks are better, faster, harder, stronger. 'Nuff said.

    Back in the good ol' days when woodworking was barely affordable and nearly impossible, we used to use a drill, then we had to change it even if it was a quick-release, to move to a countersink. Not anymore.

    Why are Snappy Tools worth more than their competitors?

    Snappy Tools are a cut above the other drill bit providers on the market today. For a start they invent their own products, they pioneered the use of tungsten carbide tips in drill bit manufacturing, but they also put in the details most other companies won't.

    The locking is nice and tight and the tungsten-carbide - which are rare outside of router bits - is a brilliant improvement. It has a much more open flute with titanium nitrate coating (really tough finish for a better hold). If you're doing decking or anything heavily repetitive, these are the bits for you.

    Partnered with the Quick-change chuck, you're taking a three or four step process and turning it into a one-step snapover that's far easier on your wrists. Check out Phoebe's comparison if you're tossing up between Snappy and another countersink bit.

    Why is Tungsten Carbide this important?

    In a word, tungsten-carbide means durability. They're perfect for use in hardwoods and tougher materials and they'll last far longer than standard countersink bits.

    Because they're stronger, they're also quicker, faster and easier to use. If you're planning on countersinking regularly, and if you're building projects then countersinking bits are often crucial, you won't regret spending a little extra to make the process so much more enjoyable.

    To see how this Countersink Bit compares, watch our video, above!

    Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutters provide wear resistance and cut a clean countersink or counterbore even in the toughest materials. TiN coated twist drills have parabolic flutes for more chip clearance. Perfect for laminate countertops, melamine, exotic hardwoods and other tough materials - or if you just wanted the best, longest lasting countersinks in the world.

    2.8mm | #6-Gauge Hard/8-Gauge Softwood
    $50.90 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    3.2mm | #8-Gauge Hard/10-Gauge Softwood
    $50.90 (inc GST)

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