The Wood Knight's Crosscut Sled

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    The Wood Knight's Crosscut Sled

    Paul is a regular customer of ours and was talking about making the crosscut sled and had a list of parts for it and we thought it sounded like a great idea so we asked if we could bundle up and sell it all as a kit for customers who want to attempt their own.

    He loved the idea as well so check out the video above and if you want to get the components in one simple kit then please order below.

    Kit 1 Includes - 

    • 2x TT-11220 t-track
    • 1x TTHDC-1 small hold down
    • 1x TTB-63 T-Track bolts 63mm long
    • 4x TTK-05 5 point knobs
    • 1x IMR-1 Incra metric rack set

    Kit 2 Includes The Above Adding - 

    • 2x AMB-118 mitre bars
    • 1x TTHDC-2 large hold down
    Kit 1
    $89.00 (inc GST)
    Kit 2
    $139.00 (inc GST)

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