T-Track Flip Stops

  • T-Track Flip Stops TTSTOP-2

    This low-profile flip stop works in the standard 5/16in T-track and slides easily along the track as well as being able to be flipped out of the way when not in use. It comes as a pack of two so you can set up two stops at the same time and flip one out of the way when not in use to make repeatability a cinch.

    It comes with the t-track bolt and brass knurled knob to secure it in place. The t-track should be installed 11mm from the edge of the fence so the stop flips down flush with the fence (a relief is moulded into it so it doesn't catch on the edge) - otherwise it can installed as shown with a gap between the stop and the fence to better secure wider work pieces. The thick extruded aluminium stop is approximately 12.5mm from the inside corner to the bottom of the stop.

    $9.90 (inc GST)

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