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  • From $149.00 (inc GST)
  • $149.00 (inc GST)
  • If you need to go longer than 50in (1270mm), look no further than this cost-effective extension kit. Remove the included clamps on your guide rails and replace with the centre connector and two sliding toggle clamp heads in less than two minutes. Two 50in guides with the extension kit allows you to rip 2440mm-long boards.

    Also available separately is the connector if you want to join more than one rail so you can go longer than 2440mm-long boards.


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    A simple way of stopping the cut in the same place on multiple boards.

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  • When cutting panel product using a saw or router, most people muck around with a straight edge and two clamps, wasting time making sure its square and fixed in place and then the clamps get in the way anyway!

    The Baladonia power tool guide is a low-profile tool guide with a built-in cam clamp that sits under the board and out of the way. The jaws automatically pull the guide close to square (with slight adjustment from aligning with a try-square) and can be quickly clamped in place and removed within seconds.

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  • Rip-Cut KMA-2685
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  • Exceptional Flexibility and Precision When Cutting with a Jig or Circular Saw

    The innovative tooth-gear design allows tool-less exchange of bars which come in four sizes of varying widths to virtually all circular and jig saws available on the market today. With the inclusion of special holding clips it permits easy setup and attachment. 

    The exclusive trimming feature allows you to adjust the length of cut by 1/8in (3.2mm) increments without tools. It works equally as well from the LH or RH side of the tool and it? extends the saw blade up to 254mm from the edge of your work piece with multiple holes in the guide head to compensate for varying bar widths, ensuring precise alignment of jig's blade when cutting circles. ?

    SawGuide™ works with nearly any saw, including (but not limited to) the following brands: Bosch®      DeWalt®      Black & Decker®      Makita®      Milwaukee®      GMC®      Ryobi®      Hitachi®      And more...

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