Magnetic Featherboard for Fences

  • Magnetic Featherboard for Fences MSWPFFB

    Holds Wood Down Where Your Fingers Don’t Belong


    The Magswitch Fence Featherboard is perfect for holding wood down when attached to a 
jointer, planer, router table or shaper fence. 
It can also be used on the right-side of a table saw or band saw blade. 
Low profile and a strong hold make this the perfect Featherboard for vertical and right side applications.


    ·      Fast, precise positioning

    ·      Perfect for infeed/outfeed applications

    ·      Keeps work firmly in place

    ·      Can be used with a table saw on the right side of the blade

    ·      Features two 30mm Magswitches

    ·      Powerful Control

    ·      Easy On/Off Operation

    ·      Versatile Cast-Iron Fence Support


    $129.00EPRICE% (inc GST)

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