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  • How do you make the Miter 1000 Special Edition even better? Throw out the standard protractor plate that has 5° increments and replace it with an ultra-accurate protractor that has the patented AngleLOCK indexing system cut in every 1° increment plus the two popular 22.5° increments for cutting eight-sided frames and mouldings! Awesome.

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  • The Miter 1000 Special Edition builds on the excellent foundation provided by the Miter 1000. The Incra exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers 41 rock solid angle stops in 5° increments over a full 180° range. Combine this with the included GlideLOCK Miter Bar, Telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence and the Incra Flip Shop Stop, and you'll easily achieve mitred accuracy that you never thought possible. Whether it's your basic 90° cut-off, simple picture frames, or a 20-sided object, the Miter1000SE by Incra delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy. First time, Every time, Any angle.

    Upgrades over and above the V27 and V120 include –

    • Six (instead of four) expansion disks on GlideLOCK mitre bar to further improve accuracy
    • Telescoping IncraLOCK fence with incremental racks in 1.0mm increments telescoping to provide a stop range 0 – 788mm
    • FlipShopStop included for single or dual positioning of stops
    • Incredibly accurate 1/10° vernier to provide resolution between steps
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  • Incra's Miter Express offers any mitre gauge owner the safest and most accurate cross-cutting and mitering platform available. The Miter Express features 2 embedded T-Slot channels to secure the included Hold Down Clamp and Outboard Fence Support. These slots are also invaluable for mounting your own custom jigs and fixtures.

    The fast Dock and Lock system securely locks your miter gauge in just seconds. It eliminates all side play with Incra’s patented miter channel expansion technology. Even the least expensive miter gauges will experience a tremendous performance boost when docked on top of the Miter Express.

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    $259.00 (inc GST)
  • Don't let the small size fool you! The new Miter V120 puts high-resolution, repeatable accuracy within the budget of every woodworker. An incredible 120 AngleLOCK stops are laser cut into the steel protractor, with a stop available for every whole degree and two special stops at 22.5° for cutting eight-sided frames and mouldings.

    All of that precision is built into a sturdy, no-fuss package that's compact enough to fit machines where other mitre guides can be a tight squeeze, such as bandsaws and disc sanders. All-steel construction makes it an excellent long-term investment, and it's also upgradable as your needs change - the V120 can be equipped at any time with any IncraLOCK mitre guide fence and stop.

    The steel miter bar is equipped with four patented GlideLOCK adjustment points for a perfect, low-friction fit in a wide variety of machines using a standard mitre slot. As with all Incra crosscutting tools, a removable T-slot retaining clip is included, and the adjusters are accessible from the top for quicker set up than traditional miter bars with side-mounted adjusters.

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