3rd Hand Little Hand

  • 3rd Hand Little Hand

    New Development!

    The standard Little Hand Twin Pack (FC-80673 - $99.00) now comes with a 130mm riser so it can be used in either the standard 420 - 580mm or popular Australian-specific height range of 550 - 710mm. 

    The Little Hand is produced in the same way as the Third and Upper Hand but because of its height range, does not have telescopic poles. It is the same in every other way and that’s why its still rated to 68kg (150lb) per Hand. It is great for supporting upper cabinets when the bottom cabinets are installed as well as general lifting and spreading in its size range. 

    The original Little Hand which covers a 420 – 580mm and is available in a single and twin pack. The twin pack comes with a handy heavy-duty carry bag.

    Now also available is the more popular XL System which covers a 597 - 965mm range. The XL System is only available as a pair with a heavy-duty nylon carry bag included.

    Single Pack Includes –

    - One Little Hand pole (420 - 580mm range)
    - Two 152x152mm universal feet

    Twin Pack Includes –

    - Two Little Hand poles (420 - 580mm range)
    - Four 152x152mm universal feet
    - One ballistic nylon carry bag

    XL System Includes –

    - Two Little Hand XL poles (597 - 965mm range)
    - Four 152x152mm universal feet
    - One ballistic nylon carry bag

    Single Pack
    $59.00 (inc GST)
    Two-Piece Pack
    $159.00 (inc GST)
    Two-Piece XL System
    $159.00 (inc GST)
    Little Hand Carry Bag
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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