Sifa Super Fine #0000 Steel Wool

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    Sifa Super Fine #0000 Steel Wool

    SIFA are one of the few steel wool manufacturers in Australia and their finest grade 0000 steel wool is the best value-for-money you can get here - the same quality as the imported European brands without having to travel as far, making it cheaper than most other steel wool on the market

    Ideal for final sanding work - especially on mouldings etc. that are hard to get sandpaper to conform to as well as cutting back finishes to produce ultra smooth surfaces. Also works well to rub back a gloss and obtain matt or satin finishes, removing wax polish, or even cleaning brass and polishing metal. Great to use to cut back Glass Coat prior to burnishing and a staple in the restoration and french polishing industry.

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    500g Packet
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