Sherwood Woodlathe 406 x 1050mm EVS

  • Sherwood Woodlathe 406 x 1050mm EVS

    Meet the Biggest, Baddest Lathe in the Sherwood Range 

    The Sherwood MC-1642-VX lathe is an all-new lathe body design featuring an ingenious swivel headstock and dedicated fabricated heavy-duty plate steel stand. This is definitely the big bertha of the range, it ain't no slouch! The design, specification and execution of construction of this lathe means it has just about everything you could ask for in a monster lathe.

    This unit is so much more than a larger bed variant of our incredibly popular 400 x 610mm Electronic Variable Speed Woodlathe. Rather than a cast-iron bed, it is produced from fully welded fabricated steel plate. This new bed design is becoming industry-standard on lathes of this size due to the improved strength and reinforcement plus accuracy in tolerance. 

    Another important change is the change from a traditional induction motor to the industrial servo motor. Servo motors utilize a different method of generating power and torque - that provides for smoother operation and increased torque over the full rev range - it is literally unstoppable at all speeds, virtually from rest to maximum speed - and consistent speed on a lathe, even at higher speeds allows for better results when turning.

    Aside from its large turning capacities, this machine has all of the features you would hope for in a Heavy-Duty Wood Lathe. For example, electronic variable speed in two-speed ranges, digital speed readout, a swiveling headstock for outboard turning, indexable spindle, spindle lock pin, and a forward and reverse switch for outboard bowl turning are just some of the standard features you can expect. The bed is precision-ground steel for strength and durability, and the heavy steel legs can be easily adapted for adding more mass.

    Best of all, this lathe runs on single-phase power, so it can be used in home shops as well as the workplace. The variable-frequency drive runs the 3-phase motor, which is converted to single-phase using the smart electronics on-board to provide variable-speed control and maximum torque at low speeds. If you're looking for a lathe that will handle all of your turning needs now and into the future, this is the one!

    Standard Equipment:

    • Spur center
    • Cup live center
    • Knockout tool
    • Indexing pin
    • Tool rest
    • 6" faceplate
    • Hex wrenches

    Now also available in a kit with the outboard tool rest. Outboard tool rest is also available for purchase on its own. Please choose your configuration from drop-down menu.

    One of the most ingenious features of this lathe is the swivelling headstock. We recommend buying the optional outboard tool rest to take full advantage of this new feature. This allows a user to turn the headstock 90 degrees and work on workpieces bigger than the bed's capacity.

    • Electronic variable-speed control
    • Digital spindle-speed indicator
    • 30° direct indexing using 1 indexing hole
    • 10° indexing using all 3 indexing holes
    • The headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed
    • Tailstock, headstock, and tool rest support have lever-action cam locks for quick positioning
    • The belt drive offers 2-speed ranges to maximize spindle torque
    • Spindle lock pin
    • Outboard spindle handle
    • Forward/reversing switch
    • Emergency stop switch
    • Heavy-duty, precision machined steel bed, and cast-iron legs ensures stability and minimize vibration
    Motor 2 HP, 220V, 3-phase with single-phase VFD
    Power requirement 220V, single-phase
    Swing over bed 406mm (16in)
    Swing over tool rest base 290mm (11.5in)
    Distance between centers 1050mm (42in)
    Base Material Heavy-duty, precision machined steel bed and cast-iron legs
    Headstock Spindle M30 x 3.5TPI RH
    Speed Control Variable-speed spindle control with digital readout
    Speed Range High: 250-3200 RPM / Low: 100-1200 RPM
    Spindle MT#2 spindle & tailstock tapers
    Spindle bore .445in
    Tool post diameter 25mm
    Overall dimensions 1975mm x  570mm  x 1195mm
    Approximate shipping weight 179kg
    Sherwood Woodlathe 406 x 1050mm EVS
    $3,499.00 (inc GST)
    Sherwood Woodlathe 406 x 1050mm EVS + Outboard Tool Rest
    $3,649.00 (inc GST)
    Sherwood Outboard Toolrest Attachment Only - Suits MC-1642-VX
    $249.00 (inc GST)

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