Sherwood Woodlathe 350 x 510mm - Induction Motor EVS

  • Sherwood Woodlathe 350 x 510mm - Induction Motor EVS MC-1420-VF

    Variable speed Woodlathe with 750W induction motor. 

    The Sherwood MC-1420 lathe is an all-new midi lathe body design and with a 350mm (14in) swing and 510mm between centres it's well-suited to a great variety of projects.

    Of course it comes with all the standard sizes for attachments - M30 headstock for face plates/chucks; #2 Morse Tapers in both the head and tailstocks for spindle turning. And the heavy-duty banjo has a 1in (25.4mm) post design to give you maximum access to accessories. The lathe also has a two-pulley system to move in between optimal size ranges.

    But the real benefit of this lathe over most of its competitors is in the variable speed system. It's not using a resistor-based control board system with a DC motor, but a proper induction motor that has full electronic variable speed control with maximum torque over the whole rev range. Each pulley speed starts at zero up to its maximum speed and has forward-reverse built in to the variable speed system.

    This is the configuration you get on professional full-size lathes that cost thousands of dollars. But it's now available in a compact package that fits on your bench or can be transported without needing an army of people to move it. It makes this lathe a perfect choice for woodworking clubs, schools or discerning turners that need a lathe that will last and provide silky smooth turning without ever missing a beat.

    We've time-tested every feature

    As lathe enthusiasts for the past 20 years, we've ensured this model has serious capacity, construction and build-quality all the way through it - from the handwheel on the headstock to the handwheel on the tailstock - but it doesn't take up ridiculous amounts of space and tucks away beautifully if needed. Best of all its sturdy build and durable frame mean it's reliable.

    It has a 5-year warranty - not that you'll need it. This lathe is built to last.

    Motor Size 750W (1HP) (aluminium-bodied that is cool to touch)
    Spindle Speeds Pulley 1 0 - 1,200rpm
    Spindle Speeds Pulley 2 0 - 3,200rpm
    Thread size 30mm x 3.5TPI
    Morse taper size 2MT
    Max. diam. Bowl (over bed) 14in (352mm)
    Distance between centres 20in (510mm)

    Comes standard with spur and live centre, 75mm face plate and 150mm tool rest.

    $1,499.00 (inc GST)

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