Sherwood Woodlathe 1100 x 350mm

  • Sherwood Woodlathe 1100 x 350mm MC-1443

    Now the most popular lathe on the Australian market - and with good reason.

    The bigger brother of the MC-1236, it is a great intermediate lathe that you won’t outgrow quickly. It has all the features the MC-1236 has, but has several upgraded features such as motor size, swing over the bed and increased distance between centres for heavier turning. The stand also features a tray to store your tools. An important distinction between the two lathes is that the headstock can slide anywhere along the bed for increased stability when turning large bowls.

    At an extremely affordable price this lathe has all the features most woodturners want. It has a solid cast-iron bed; suitable for absorbing vibration and comes with the stand, a 150mm face plate, spur drive, live centre and knockout bar as standard.

    The majority of lathe manufacturers on the market produce similar machines: they look okay at first glance but are untested, undisciplined operations that aren't run by real woodworkers, for real woodworkers. As a result, you simply can't find the fit and finish - whether it's the smooth, timeless design of the handles or the cast of the headstock and tailstocks, any where else for this price point.

    Why a Sherwood lathe?

    Put simply, these lathes are way ahead of the pack. While other models have smaller toolrests and small toolrest holders, meaning you're stuck with an irregular shape for the rest of your woodturning life, every fitting on this lathe is specifically designed to fit the industry standard and the widest possible range of accessories. Then there's all the extra fittings, fantastic additions like tool holders that make them the best of the bunch.

    This design is intentionally simple - there's very little that can go wrong with this machine. But what makes it special is, as we keep repeating, the Sherwood Difference. We've been woodworking for 30 years and we test every feature to ensure that the little touches are a streak ahead of the competition, while maintaining a sturdy robust design that's effortlessly reliable. We'd have it no other way.

    This lathe still includes the following standard accessories - 150mm face plate, spur drive, live centre and knockout bar.

    • Motor Size: 750W (1HP) (aluminium-bodied that is cool to touch)
    • Spindle speeds: 500-2000rpm
    • Headstock type: Swivel sliding
    • Thread size: 30mm x 3.5TPI
    • Morse taper size: 2MT
    • Max. diam. Bowl (over bed): 14in (352mm)
    • Distance between centres: 43in (1100mm)

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $90.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

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    $849.00 (inc GST)

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