Sherwood Tungsten-Carbide Bandsaw Blades 27mm 1.3TPI

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    Sherwood Tungsten-Carbide Bandsaw Blades 27mm 1.3TPI BSTCT-288027013

    Tungsten Carbide Tipped - These really are the best blades in the business

    Our TCT range are developed specifically for deep ripping and ultra-fine resawing, allowing you to craft the finest veneers with ease. Extremely durable with C4 carbide tips, these are perfect for hardwoods or exotics: extremely high performers that we guarantee will never break on the weld. Specially manufactured for strength and durability, the entire range feature an excellent array of features.

    Which blades should I choose?

    The TPI (teeth per inch) rating relates to the thickness of material – determining blade stability in the material and waste ejection of the cut – not the smoothness of cut (which rarely varies if selected correctly).

    A few of the most common TPI's are:

    3TPI blades are designed for material 25mm and higher.

    4TPI blades are designed for material 19mm and higher.

    10TPI blades are designed for material 6 - 20mm thick.


    • Each tooth on the blade is hardened making it resistant to heat build-up, increasing blade life and strength
    • Unique heat line on the back of the blade –the blade does not buckle in use giving you a straighter cut.
    • Tooth shaped with a chip-breaker –removing waste more efficiently, reducing heat build-up, improving and extending cutting performance.
    • Increased hook angle – cuts more aggressively but still leaves a smooth finish, making the cuts faster and easier to control.
    • Thin gauge (kerf) – Just like thin kerf circular saw blades, it takes less power to drive, with less waste, so deeper cuts are quicker & easier than before.
    • Increased set of tooth – standard tooth set does not affect hardwood cutting but can affect cutting resinous timbers such as Pine. With a greater set, these blades handle a wider range of material.
    • Butt welded – the strongest method of welding. We guarantee these blades will never break on the weld – ever.
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