Sherwood Table Saw Panel-Attachment Set

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    Sherwood Table Saw Panel-Attachment Set TS-250-CHPA

    Sliding Table Saw Fence Panel Attachment Kit

    You've got a 2400 x 1200 board, so what's your biggest issue?

    The perfect panel attachment kit for cutting massive boards easily, completely repositionable and works fluently as a crosscut sled to boot!

    With a panel attachment you need to be able to cut half of a sheet this size. This kit has a maximum capacity of 1390mm, that's where the fence starts and to get a panel attachment that cuts that length is massive, this one can comfortably cross-cut a 2000 x 1200 sheet. The fence is at the front, so you can push the panel through the attachment.

    Why a panel attachment kit?

    You can also set it to 0 degrees and perform 45 degree cuts. This model also has several extra support tables, so it won't flex when you put large panels onto it - these are additions that our competitors don't offer. If you want to cross-cut with timber, it also comes with a Cross Cut Fence!

    With a cross-cut sled, you'd normally have another extension panel and use your mitre gauge channels to push it through - but this is effectively a cross-cut sled as well, because it's built into the table saw it adds another fantastic advantage - quick, easy, convenient.

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