Sherwood Scroll Saw Dual Blade System

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    Sherwood Scroll Saw Dual Blade System ACCS-16

    An incredible innovation: this will revolutionise your old scroll saw

    We don't know about you but we reckon pinned end blades suck. They're annoying, they limit your machine's capabilities and we almost always recommend against them, despite them having obvious advantages in some, rare, cases.

    That's why Sherwood's pinned-to-straight blade conversion method is an absolute winner. We were actually quite surprised at how easy it is to use and after you've converted your machine, it works reliably and even more effectively than before. Now you can fit any amount of blades, from spiral to crown tooth to reverse-skip and watch your scroll sawing hit stratospheric levels you never thought was possible on an old pinned-end machine.

    How to swap pinned end scroll saw blades to straight blades

    Have a scroll saw that will only accept pinned-end blades? This handy kit swaps the existing brackets out for the black clamping blocks that will accept pinned-end blades by hooking them over the front gusset or pinless blades by placing the end in the split block and tightening the allen bolt located on the side.

    Fits 16in Sherwood scroll saw to enable non-pinned end blades, to be fitted to machines designed to take pinned end blades.

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