Sherwood Router Table MDF/Phenolic Tables Tops

  • Sherwood Router Table MDF/Phenolic Tables Tops

    Router Table with Phenolic / MDF Table Top that's light-weight yet high-quality

    While cast-iron table tops are the ideal choice when it comes to your router table, there is one flaw with cast-iron that means you need another option - weight. Premium Portability.

    30mm-thick HMR (High Moisture Resistant) MDF is at the core of these table tops. If you've ever picked up a full-size sheet of thick MDF you will know that this material is no lightweight but in the router table size and compared to cast-iron there are massive weight savings to be gained.

    Rather than just using melamine on the surface - these tops have vacuum-pressed phenolic - a durable and long-lasting polymer that will withstand many years of timber passing over it. Phenolic has low friction resistance, meaning that all timber will pass over the top without the need for any kind of dry lubricant. 

    The table top is sealed on all four sides with 2mm-thick black PVC edgebanding. 

    • The weight saving of the bench router table top compared to the cast-iron version is 13kg.
    • The weight saving of the full-size router table top compared to the cast-iron version is a massive 28kg.

    CNC Accuracy.

    Each table top is machined on a three-axis CNC machine to engineered tolerances. The mount plate aperture is designed to take industry-standard 298 x 235mm mounting plates with holes pre-bored to accept 10 levelling screws. The leveling screws provided are confirmat screws - that have deep self cutting threads to ensure high pullout resistance and adjustment while still providing a secure bedding into the material. Two insert nuts are pre-installed to clamp the Sherwood router mount plates and lifts in place when installed.

    A wide channel is routed perfectly parallel to the mount plate aperture where a heavy-duty black anodized extruded aluminium track is installed. The track has the industry-stand 19.0 x 9.5mm (3/4 x 3/8in) t-mitre guide and full-size 5/16in t-track slot right next to each other so you can use any industry-standard mitre guide or mount your own jigs and fixtures to the table as required. 

    Two sizes available. 

    Unlike other brands, but just like every other Sherwood Router Table component - the only difference between the smaller and large table top is the external footprint dimensions. The same thickness of table top and care and attention to detail has been applied to both the 610 x 405mm size top as the full-size 810 x 610mm table top. 

    610 x 405mm Table Top
    $229.00 (inc GST)
    810 x 610mm Table Top
    $349.00 (inc GST)

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