Sherwood MDF/Phenolic Portable Router Table

  • Sherwood MDF/Phenolic Portable Router Table RT-610-K5

    Australia’s Toughest MDF / Phenolic Portable Router Table Lost a Bit of Weight

    Need a full-strength router table that is portable? While this unit forgoes the premium cast-iron top it is by no means a cut-price option and will provide decades of precision performance when maintained and stored correctly. Weighing in at around 23kg minus the weight of the router, it is the only router table in the range where a little of its footprint has been shaved off in the efforts of getting its weight down.

    The Sherwood Difference - a Five-Year Warranty and Remote Switch (RRP $59.90) is included for less

    It still uses all of the same components and materials as the remaining range, except that the table length has gone from 685mm (which the cast-iron benchtop version uses) to 610mm. That’s it. The stand is still heavy-duty, the fence is still identical in every way and the mount plate remains the same. You can still mount all of the available accessories and components directly to this unit.

    So you can get that precision and rock-solid platform but in a table that one person can easily lift – making it great for worksite use or for workshops where space is at a real premium.

    What’s Included

    The Sherwood Router Table range is component-based – so it is made up of four components that are all available separately. Click on the bullet points below for more information on each component.

    There are a range of other components and accessories that make up the Sherwood Router Table range such as router lifts, dust collection box, Super-Flat Fence Adjustment Kit plus so much more. These are all available for purchase separately to create the kit you want.


    Overall dimensions (L x W x H)

    775 x 406 x 535mm

    Table size (L x W x H)

    610 x 406 x 300mm

    Fence size (each)

    775 x 90mm

    Maximum fence travel


    Dust outlet

    63mm (2 1/2in)

    Distance from spindle to front edge of table


    Mitre slot dimensions

    19 x 9.5mm (3/4 x 3/8in)

    T-slot dimensions

    9.5 x 6.4mm (3/8 x 1/4in)

    Router insert plate

    298 x 235mm (11 3/4 x 9 1/4in)

    Aperture sizes (diameter)

    92.2mm (plate)& 38mm (Insert ring)


    $899.00 (inc GST)

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