Sherwood MDF Benchtop Router Table

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    Sherwood MDF Benchtop Router Table RT-600-K1

    Sherwood's MDF Benchtop Router Table is perfect for the small home workshop.

    Is your garage too small and most of the router tables available on the market too big? Introducing Sherwood’s MDF Benchtop Router.

    We reckon most of our customers are working in really small spaces, after-all that's how most of us started out, in the backroom of our house, or alongside the cars in the garage… this is where tools and machines that can be easily stored or moved about really come in handy.

    Moveable fence, adjustable wings, great extraction: perfectly suited for standard plunge routers.

    The Sherwood MDF Benchtop Router features a self-contained cabinet designed to hold a standard size plunge router that will attach easily to the included phenolic plate. You can now set the cutting height by simply adjusting the raising mechanism on your router.

    Your fully functioning little router table comes with a sturdy fence, adjustable in-feed and out-feed face plates, a flip stop, measure tape and a dust port. These adjustable face plates allow you to open or close the throat of the fence to suit the size of router bit in use and maximise the effectiveness of you dust extractor. The router tabletop also features an inset 19mm mitre track section so you may use feather boards or a mitre slide.

    This little router table setup solves a lot of problems. It’s really affordable in comparison to larger router tables. It offers a range of features that provides the functionality of the larger models. Yet it is super compact and so doesn't take up precious floor space in the workshop, and it is perfect for site work as well, just pop it in the back of the ute and off you go.. all you need is a pair of horses to set the table to height.

    MDF Benchtop Router Table Features:

    • Solid cabinet made from hard laminated MDF with a generous solid work surface and fitted doors
    • Phenolic router plate that you can drill to suit any router
    • Phenolic plate features height adjustment to set the plate perfectly flush
    • The fence itself sits in embedded T-Track which makes it super easy to adjust and lock in position
    • Fence has adjustable face plates to set the fence throat
    • Inset measuring tape
    • Clear Perspex guard
    • Dust port with one meter of spiral hose
    • High quality inset bench miter track

    This MDF Benchtop Router Table kit includes:

    • Benchtop laminated MDF router table and cabinet
    • Phenolic router mount plate
    • 640mm Fence with aluminium T-Track and measure tape
    • T-Track flip stop
    • Dust extraction port and ducting

    Why should you buy a Sherwood MDF Phenolic Router Table?

    This is a really high functioning cabinet with lots of features at a really low price. It's compact, versatile and easy to store. It’s a great setup to get you started, or a convenient addition to your existing kit.

    MDF Benchtop Router Table Specifications

    Overall Dimensions 610mm (W) x 405mm (D) x 420mm (H)
    Table Dimensions 600mm x 400mm
    Fence 640mm x 60mm
    Distance from spindel to front edge 205mm
    Dust Outlet 63mm
    Router Plate Insert 298mm x 235mm


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    RRP: $429.00

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