Sherwood Dust Extractor Floor Vacuum Kit 2.5in 63mm

  • Sherwood Dust Extractor Floor Vacuum Kit 2.5in 63mm YW-1830

    Sherwood's Dust Extractor Vacuum Kits put the power in your hand. Literally.

    Available in standard 2 1/2inch (63m) dust hose models, these kits are one of the most popular dust extraction purchases in Australia. In a woodworking shop, even sometimes the best extraction systems won't clear up a pile of sawdust on the floor. With these kits you can harness the high volume suction power of your extractor to get rid of all the waste off the floor quickly.

    There are several dust extraction vacuum kits available on the market of varying quality but we've found Sherwood's kit to be one of the best due to the individual quality of the dust extraction fittings that they include. As the manufacturer of every fitting listed in this kit, the level of quality-control over every aspect is unsurpassed.

    These include an adjustable wand handle, clear lengths of rigid tubing to create the wand, a quick connect blast gate (handy to have anyway!), floor sweep intake and an additional dust wand with bristles on the end for cleaning benches and hard to reach places. 

    Dust Extractor Floor Vacuum Kit Features

    • Wand handle
    • Clear tubing to create the wand
    • Wand head with bristles for cleaning benches and those hard to reach areas
    • Wand head with no bristles for cleaning floors
    • Fitting to reduce the hose to standard shop vac size

    Why do we love these Dust Extractor Floor Vacuum Kits?

    This kit presents the perfect solution to your average dust issues in any workshop. Simply connect the floor vacuum kit to your dust extractor to remove all that excess dust around the shop. It's incredibly easy to install and use and the wand handle - which we feel is a real highlight - is perfect for fitting into tight areas, and the suction power is phenomenal.

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