Sherwood - Dust Collector Kit FM-300 + SCDS-200

  • Sherwood - Dust Collector Kit FM-300 + SCDS-200 FM-300-SCDS-200

    We have combined our most popular dust extractor, the FM-300, with a pleated filter, with our new cyclone dust extractor to bring the ULTIMATE dust extraction solution for your workshop.

    We have paired our most popular dust extractor the FM-300 (2HP) unit with a inline cyclone dust seperator the SCDS-200 to give you a two stage dust extraction solution that is on par with many industrial machines in terms of performance without the prohibitive price. To add to this we have also thrown the pleated filter version of the FM-300 to give you unparralelled filtration and air quality. 

    Combining these creates a monster 2HP two stage dust extraction system with 1 micro pleated filtration with a set of the most useful dust extraction fittings. 

    This kit has been designed around what people have bought from us to get their dust extraction solutions started. This is also what many of our staff use in their own personal setups. 

    This package includes:

    1x Sherwood FM-300 2HP dust extractor

    1x Sherwood PFC-2610 Pleated filter cartridge

    1x Sherwood SCDS-200 Cyclone Dust Separator with easy lift frame


    Bundle & Save! $1,449.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $1,577.00

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