Sherwood Drill Press Fence Kit

  • Sherwood Drill Press Fence Kit DPTF-100

    Sherwood Drill Press Fence: Up the accuracy of your Drill Press

    Please Note: This kit includes the fence only. Table with T-Track is NOT included.

    First, we gave you the drill press table kit, now you can complement your table with this Drill Press Table Fence Kit. Entirely tool-free fence adjustment is such a bonus on a drill press if you're using it regularly, which is why since we brought these in fairly recently, our workshop staff have seemed in a slightly better mood!

    Drill Press Fence Features

    • Entirely tool-free fence adjustment
    • Adjustable MDF sub-faces
    • Flip-Stop for precise placement
    • ABS dust port
    • Upward facing Aluminium T-Track
    • Extruded Aluminium fence

    Tool-Free Drill Press Fence Adjustment

    Featuring adjustable MDF sub-faces that let you straddle large forstner bits or sanding spindles, the kit includes a flip-down stop for precise placement as well as dust port. The upward-facing Aluminium T-Track allows the opportunity for you to add a number of fixtures.

    The best part about this Drill Press Fence Kit is just how easy it makes the adjustment and repetition of drill press use, far above the fences on many standard drill presses thanks to those sub-faces. That adjustment is also totally leveraged by the addition of a flip-stop and you can pack it full of mounting accessories with the handy T-Track. Includes ABS dust port, extruded Aluminium Fence & MDF sub-fences.

    $169.00 (inc GST)

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