Sherwood Cyclone Dust Separator With Frame

  • Sherwood Cyclone Dust Separator With Frame SCDS-200

    Turn your existing dust extractor into an industrial two-stage cyclone dust extraction setup.

    With the great response we received from the launch of the Sherwood Industrial Dust Extractor range, we had a number of customers request a cyclone separator for their existing extractors.

    Perfectly matched with a 2HP or 3HP Sherwood dust extractors, these separators are an easy and effective way to upgrade your setup to the next level.

    This is the easiest and most professional way to upgrade an existing system to a two-stage cyclone separator system. It is as simple as putting this inline between your extractor and the machines.

    This variant the same cyclone as the base model but mounted in a frame with a quick lift for easy removal of the barrel when it fills. It features a fill window in the barrel and two 4in inlets on the cyclone. The other format is

    Comes with dual 4in inlets and a single outlet.

    $679.00 (inc GST)

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