Sherwood 8in Standard Speed Bench Grinder

  • Sherwood 8in Standard Speed Bench Grinder MDN-200-EB

    Good Things Can Come in Small Packages

    While for most woodworkers we would recommend the Sherwood Slow-Speed Bench Grinder, sometimes people just need a simple standard bench grinder - maybe it's budget, maybe it's that woodworking is only part of the workshop requirement.

    We've seen what most hardware stores have got on their shelves and it ain't great... 

    So that's where this bench grinder comes in - a simple and effective 550W 2-pole motor on a sturdy cast alloy base running two 8in diameter wheels.

    It comes standard with two grey wheels, decent bloody tool rests and eye guards. No gimmicky extras or inclusions, just a good solid bench grinder that will run continuously for standard grinding work.

    If being used with woodworking steel we recommend the addition of an aluminium oxide grinding wheel (available separately) to keep heat down to a minimum when grinding.

    • 550W (3/4HP) 2800RPM induction motor designed for continuous running
    • Carborundum (grey) 36-grit 200 x 25mm wheel
    • Carborundum (grey) 60-grit 200 x 25mm wheel
    • Two 70 x 40mm adjustable-angle toolrests
    • Crystal clear perspex eye-guards for better viewing of grinding when in use
    • M16 x 2 Spindle shaft thread
    $159.00 (inc GST)

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