Sherwood 375W Benchtop Portable Drill Press

  • Sherwood 375W Benchtop Portable Drill Press DPB-375

    Sherwood's 375W Pedestal Drill Press offers phenomenal value

    Sherwood's new generation drill presses have arrived and are simply outstanding - put it against any other drill press of a similar spec on the market and you'll likely agree with us that these are best drill presses you can get for your money.

    This machine is lightweight and hobbyist friendly. It's cost-effective, easy to use, simple to set-up and incredibly user-friendly. It's also purpose-built for the hobbyist end of the spectrum, allowing you to take on the lighter loads of drill pressing - fantastic for small furniture making projects - without the hassle of a large scale, virtually immobile piece of industrial machinery.

    Perfect combination of space-saving workshop machinery and powerful Drill Press accuracy

    Compact, heavy-duty fittings and a machine packed with handy extras to make your life easier. These drill presses have a sturdy, robust design yet retain an element of stylish flair - they're the workshop workhorse that never looks out of place. Each machine has modern safety enhancements, cast-iron tables, worklights and heavy-duty chucks with large quills.

    • 4-Pole, 1400rpm motor produces double the torque of standard 2-pole motors
    • Standard bayonet-style light fitting mounted in the drill head creates improved lighting on the drill press table
    • One-piece drive spindle design (instead of using a tapered drill arbor) improves drive transfer and concentricity
    • Micro-switch built into pulley cover means it can't be accidentally turned on when changing speeds

    The heavy, stable base, large vibration-absorbing head and decent size working table all combine to make it great for all jobs and is finding itself in many satisfied workshops. An LED working light on a flexible arm is now included to illuminate the work space for better accuracy.

    Motor Output 375W
    Run Out 0.03mm
    # of Speeds 5
    Speed Range 620 - 2620rpm
    Spindle Travel 60mm
    Swing 260mm
    Chuck Capacity 3 - 13mm
    Quill Size 40mm
    Post Diameter 60mm
    Table Size 200 x 200mm
    Base Size 200 x 320mm
    Height When Assembled 680mm
    Machine Weight 27kg
    Plug AU - 10amp
    $329.00 (inc GST)

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