Sherwood 24in Planer Blade Sharpener

  • Sherwood 24in Planer Blade Sharpener

    Sharpen your Jointer and Thicknesser blades from the comfort of your own workshop.

    With the Sherwood YF-624 Blade Sharpener you no longer need to send your blades off to be sharpened.

    This grinder is purpose-built to sharpen jointer and planer blades up to 24in long. It works by running the 6in aluminium oxide wheel horizontally with a 375W (1/2HP) motor running at 2800RPM, and the blade carriage passing across the face of the stone.

    The carriage is adjustable to suit all bevel angles for machine blades. Remove the carriage and use the included small tool jig for grinding planer blade and cabinet chisels, or attach the drill bit sharpening attachments to touch up your twist drills.

    Solid cast-iron body construction with included cast-iron base for extra stability when in use. This unique machine will quickly save time and hassle by moving your sharpening service in-house.



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    24in Planer Blade Sharpener
    $549.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement 6in Stone
    $49.90 (inc GST)

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