Sherwood 16in Lift-Up & Spiral Head Combination Planer

  • Sherwood 16in Lift-Up & Spiral Head Combination Planer PTNSC-410

    Sherwood's 16 Inch Spiral Head Combination Planers offer one-of-a-kind value and exceptional capacity

    Sherwood's 16in Combination Planer takes a unique place in the market, offering woodworkers truly exceptional planing / thicknessing / jointing capabilities at a fraction of the price of other machines. With an extremely durable build, a set of extremely reliable, quality-controlled fittings. With a 16in jointer, this machine offers a level of capacity rarely seen in jointers - for an excellent price.

    If you need a machine to run all-day, every-day and have heavy-duty planing requirements, put this unit on your shopping list. It will not disappoint!

    Why spiral cutterheads, we hear you say...

    True shear cut helical spiral heads provide for a very efficient and smooth cut, requiring less horsepower, making smaller chips and operating with far less noise than other types of cutterheads. 

    Unlike conventional single straight knifes you do not need to replace the knife if it becomes damaged or dull. Instead, if one knife edge is damaged or needs sharpening simply turn it to another edge in seconds. You will only need to replace the inserts when four edges are dull giving you more life than speed steel knives.

    How long do Spiral Cutterhead Knives last?

    Expect to rotate the knives once for 8-10 blade changes on straight HSS blades. And rotate it four times before ever replacing them. So the knives will last up to 40 times longer than straight blade knives.

    Combo Planer Thicknesser 16in Lift-Up & Spiral Head Fitted Features

    Why should you buy a Sherwood planing machine?

    Sherwood are arguably Australia's leading thicknesser and jointer manufacturers because they back themselves and the quality of their machines. Unlike many of the cheaper imports on the market, this Aussie brand flaunts incredible build quality and attention to detail - the unsurpassed five-year warranty on every thicknesser says it all. 

    The tables and fences on every machine are rock-solid and the feeding system Sherwood utilise competes with thicknessers and jointers at the very top of the international market. Every part of this machine is carefully designed and tested to ensure that it will provide eons of reliable, accurate trouble-free service. The dust chutes are carefully built in to create the most efficient running machine possible, while every safety consideration is tailored for. The results you get with a Sherwood thicknesser, jointer or combination planer are always extremely accurate, which is why they're used by countless professionals across the country and beyond.

    Unlike many of its competitors, Sherwood also produce the full range of thicknesser and jointer accessories and market their own range of cutterheads and the unique helical-path true shear cutterheads that are taking the Australian industry by storm.

    • Massive cast-iron base, feed table and cutterhead assembly
    • Large fence,
    • 15AMP plug,
    • Huge capacity 16in jointer,
    • Large, reliable and user-friendly lock-knobs,
    • Counters for easy and accurate depth of pass
    • Quiet and efficient operation
    • 10in thickness pass
    • Integrated dust chute with 4in outlet for efficient extraction
    • Cast-iron feed support tables
    • Integral rollers for passing material from the outfeed to infeed side

    Motor Size


    Motor Type


    Cutterhead Speed


    # of Blades


    Blade Type

    Spiral Cutter

    Thicknessing Capacity

    408 x 4.5 x 225mm

    Planer Table Length


    Planer Feed Speed


    Min Stock Thickness


    Bed Height


    Planing Machine Table

    1640 x 410mm

    Dust Port Diameter


    Workshop Footprint 1650 x 930 x 960mm
    $5,799.00 (inc GST)
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