Sherwood 14in Plus Bandsaw

  • Sherwood 14in Plus Bandsaw SBSCL-350

    You Little Ripper!

    There are two distinct ranges of bandsaws in the Sherwood range - the standard range (10 - 14in models) and the Sherwood Black range. With a big gap between the biggest of the standard range and the standard 14in Heavy-Duty model. This new model sits in a sweet spot between the two - a great leap forward over the standard range but without the price tag of the Black Series.

    It is all the the features and benefits for the 14in Sherwood standard bandsaw with everything upgraded a little more, hence the "Plus". Plus more cutting depth, plus more table space, Plus cast iron wheels... Like a adding bacon to your beef burger because you don't need a double  beef burger. This is the best value for money for those not looking to move up to the Sherwood black range.

    What do you get? A 1500W (2HP) motor, cast-iron wheels, large cast-iron table and solid rip fence along with twin dust outlets. And a 305mm/12in depth of cut. Designed to work with blades up to 20mm wide - you can’t get a coarse resaw blade on this unit but if you’re working in standard material up to 200-250mm a lot, this unit eats it for breakfast, with the extra cutting height giving you flexibility when you need to go deep from time to time.

    Its the perfect mix of specification, performance and affordability - all with Sherwood’s Five-Year Warranty as standard.

    Why a Sherwood 14in Bandsaw?

    The Sherwood 14in bandsaw features a new-and-improved height-winding adjustment and freely-moving table that vastly improves stability and operational efficiency. These saws are fantastic for passion projects, with an endless range of intricate designs, boxes, toys, wood coverings, benches and doors at your fingertips. 

    Packed with added features to make operating a breeze, the 14in model is one of the most effective and enjoyable machines available at this price-point. 

    Why the Sherwood 14in Plus model?

    If you’re the sort of avid enthusiast that shudders at the thought of downtime then the Sherwood deluxe bandsaw range are for you. The Plus model brings two cast-iron wheels to the table, ensuring the fundamentals that your machine is built on will last a lifetime. 

    The wheels are locked in place by several brackets within a steel frame, leading to an impressively stable and well-built bandsaw that goes toe-to-toe with any competitor for reliability.

    It really is just a little ripper of a bandsaw.



    Fast Delivery, Australia Wide

    While we keep our shipping costs as low as humanly possible, please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine, unless you have a forklift or other suitable means of offloading your machine at delivery, our shipping companies insist that a tailgate drop fee of $90.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.



    • Deeper rip capacity
    • Aluminium-finned 4 pole motor provides excellent efficiency
    • Cast-iron wheels
    • Multiple in-built measuring devices
    • Spanner and Allen key set
    • Quick-release tension lever
    • Multiple dust ports for greater dust extraction
    • Easily wound height adjustment
    • Small workshop footprint
    • Enhanced bearing adjustments for added stability


    Model Code SBSCL-350
    Blade Guides American Style Bearing
    Blade Length 2920mm
    Blade Widths 6.5 - 19mm
    Blade Speed  
    Blade Release Quick Lever
    Wheel Material Cast Iron
    Cutting Height 90° 305mm
    Throat (Cutting Width) 340mm
    Table Size 535 x 480 mm
    Mitre Guide Slot 10x19 mm
    Table Height 990mm
    Table Tilt (Degrees) 0 - 45
    Dust Outlets 2 x 102mm (4in)
    Motor Output (Poles) 1500 W (4-Pole)
    Amperage 6.2A
    Maximum Power 1500 W
    Braked No
    Workshop Footprint 800 x 600 mm
    Assembled/Shipping Weights 110 / 142 kg 
    Plug  AU 10A
    $1,699.00 (inc GST)
    Order Now For Shipment or Pick Up 6th August

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