Sherwood 10in Contractor's Table Saw 1800W

  • Sherwood 10in Contractor's Table Saw 1800W SWCS-1254

    The Sherwood Contractor Table Saw is an economical, mobile, entry level table saw suitable for all types of wood and composite sawing applications. They are the great table saw for the new and enthusiast woodworker. Also perfect for tradespeople working onsite.

    Table saws are known as the heart of the workshop. An essential piece of machinery suitable for a broad range of fundamental applications including straight ripping, cross cutting, joinery and panel sawing. Table saws are sturdy and durable meaning that they are built for work and are low maintenance.

    A table saw is an essential kit for woodworkers of all skill levels making a broad range of wooden products. Once you have learned how to use your table saw, you can saw almost anything effortlessly. No workshop, whether enthusiast or professional, should be without a table saw.

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw

    So why is it called a contractor’s table saw? Like a jobsite saw, this saw is very mobile, economical and versatile. And like a larger professional table saw, it features an enclosed body with dust port, sturdy fence, large rip capacity and large worktable. The Sherwood 10in Contractors saw fits in between these two spectrums of saws.


    Whether you are working onsite or in your workshop, your Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw is versatile. Use it to rip lengths, split timber, machine joints, and cut up composite panels easily and accurately. You will be amazed by how much work you can get done.

    Super mobile

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors Saw features a built in multi-directional mobile base mechanism. Simply press the foot lever to lift the saw off the ground and away you go.

    Standard features

    For such an economical saw, it has all the features you need. 1800W motor, twin worktable mitre slots and mitre guide, T-styled fence, 45-degree left tilt, blade guard with riving knife, big safety switch and dust port. The Sherwood Contractors saw will even accept a 203mm (8.0in) dado stack up to 20mm wide. Everything you need for safe and dustless sawing.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other table saw in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw.

    Multi-directional mobility

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw is a very mobile saw. With one push of the purpose-built mobile base peddle the saw lifts itself off the ground and may be moved in any direction. Perfect if you work on a building site, in a tiny workshop, or when you need to roll the saw out for occasional use.

    1800W motor

    For such a mobile saw, the Sherwood 10in Contractor features a very practical 1800W motor. This saw has enough power to complete a wide range of tasks whilst remaining light enough to be easily moved around.

    T-styled rip fence

    A good saw must have a good fence. The Sherwood 10in Contractor features a sturdy T-styled fence with Aluminium running rails. This fence runs smooth and locks into position securely. Coupled with the hairline readout, you have a fence system that is safe, easy to set and accurate.

    Great width of cut

    For a mobile contractors saw, the Sherwood 10in has a great width of cut. A whole 760mm to the right of the blade, and 330mm to the left. Plenty of space to cut down MDF and other composite panels.

    Dado Stack

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw will accept a 203mm (8.0in) up to 20mm wide dado stack. Set you saw up to machine all types of joinery.

    Twin mitre slots and mitre gauge

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors cast worktable section features twin mitre slots. Use the included mitre gauge and a range of other sawing accessories. It is also the perfect setup for you to use a cross cutting sled, great for detailed docking and joinery.

    Accessories kit

    This saw is supplied with a mitre gauge, push stick, saw blade and spanners. The saw body features a fence holder and various tool caddies. Everything you need to get sawing whilst remaining organised.

    Sturdy build

    Just because its entry level, doesn’t mean it is flimsy. The saws rack and pinion tilt adjustment rides on cast-iron trunnions. The main table section is cast iron with pressed metal wings. The mobile wheel mechanism is built into an ultra-rigid pressed metal stand. All this, and it remains so easy to move.

    Big safety switch

    The Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw has a big, obvious, knee-high safety switch. So, if you are a bit nervous, or you have an apprentice, you know the saw is easily and quickly killed in time of need.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other bandsaw in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 10in Contractors Table Saw.



    Model SKU


    Country of origin



    5 years limited


    1800W 10A

    Max blade diameter

    250mm (10in)

    Blade tilt

    Left to 0 - 45 degrees

    Standard spindle


    Dado stack – maximum diameter and width

    203mm 20mm

    Max depth of cut 90 degrees


    Depth of cut 45 degrees


    Table size

    Cast section 510 x 685mm

    Pressed metal wings 2 x 255 x 685mm

    Overall size 1020 x 685mm

    Table height


    Throat plate

    Pressed metal with levellers

    Mitre guide slots

    2 x 19 x 9.5mm

    Mitre gauge included

    Rip fence

    T-style with locking lever and hairline readout

    Dust outlet

    1 x 102mm (4in)

    Workshop footprint

    570 x 1450 x 1040mm high

    Shipping dimensions

    570 x 750 x 1150mm long

    Assembled/shipping weights


    Download User Manual

    $1,549.00 (inc GST)

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