Sherwood 10in Contractor's Table Saw - 1100W

  • Sherwood 10in Contractor's Table Saw - 1100W SWCS-2250

    An amazing-value Contractor's Bench Saw: Expect this workhorse to last a lifetime.

    Sherwood have released one of the best-value table saws on the market, with this 1100W Standard Contractor's Saw an efficient, compact yet powerful solution for hobbyist DIYers who want professional results.

    The fit and finish on these new machines is exquisite, some of the best we've seen from Sherwood. Featuring easy-wind mechanisms, highly-durable fittings and attractive Sherwood orange colouring, these saws are perfect for setting up an economical yet capable workshop, at an unbeatable price-point.

    It's the Sherwood Difference: This saw still packs all the best features of a high-level Contractor's Saw, for a fraction of the cost.

    Huge capability with no need for 15amp plugs and expensive electrical work!

    That's right, you can actually get a sturdy, robust and highly accurate table saw with minimal vibration for a fraction of the cost - all with an industry leading five year warranty. It's the Sherwood difference and it's satisfaction guaranteed.

    While Sherwood's 2300W Contractor's Saw offers extra-grunt for an extra $200, many woodworkers simply won't require that extra power and don't need to spend the extra money on installing a 15amp electrical circuit.


    • Powerful yet compact 1100W motor with a 10amp plug
    • 254mm (10in) blade capacity with standard-size 5/8in arbor (blade not included)
    • Includes insert to mount 8in dado blades up to 24mm wide
    • 76mm/50mm depth of cut at 90°/45° tilt
    • Left tilting bevel for safer bevel ripping
    • Smooth and comfortable cast-iron rack and pinion height adjustment
    • rack and pinion tilt adjustment on cast-iron trunions
    • Sturdy 510 x 685mm cast-iron top with 2x 254mm pressed steel extension wings to create a large 1020mm working surface
    • Strong 70mm-high alloy fence which locks parallel to the blade at both ends of table
    • Maximum rip capacity with fence of 760mm to right and 330mm to left of blade
    • Industry-standard ¾x⅜in mitre slot so all standard jigs and fixtures can be used
    • Mitre guide and push stick included
    • Spare saw blade, spanners, mitre guide, push stick and fence holders built into stand to be stored when not in use
    • Oversize safety on/off switch well-located to turn off with knee while both hands are still on work piece
    • 4in dust port built into enclosed top part of base for superior extraction
    • Left-tilt to 45 degrees

    Why a contractor's saw?

    While some use the terms ‘jobsite’ and ‘contractor’ interchangeably, they’re very different saws. Contractor’s saws offer vastly improved fences, significantly larger rip capacity and a far more professional cut then jobsite saws - hence the name – yet are still a cheaper, slightly portable alternative to larger cabinet saws.

    Despite the fact that many contractor’s saws are very hefty indeed, the name derives from the U.S, where they use a lot of timber in residential construction. In the ‘States contractor’s saws were designed as deluxe jobsite saws, heavy-duty machines that can enhance a worksite’s capabilities for extended jobs, like building a house.

    The contractor’s saw ditches the cabinet to provide more flexibility. It’s portable (at least for a few blokes) and you can mount it on a mobile workstation or even on the back of a work vehicle.

    This flexibility makes a good contractor’s saw the perfect option for a home workshop: they’re cost effective, while still offering some of the key advantages of cabinet saws.

    Fast Delivery, Australia Wide

    While we keep our shipping costs as low as humanly possible, please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine, unless you have a forklift or other suitable means of offloading your machine at delivery, our shipping companies insist that a tailgate drop fee of $80.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.


    $1,349.00 (inc GST)

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