Abrasive Lapping Plate Grey Iron

  • Abrasive Lapping Plate Grey Iron 05-M-2020

    Veritas make the finest quality tools in the world

    This lapping stone is no exception. Measures 250mm x 110mm x 30mm high and weighs approximately 6kg.

    Made from an iron chosen for its dimensional stability and material consistency (no blade-scratching carbides in material); bottom and sides are machined and top is ground flat to within 0.001" over entire surface

    Channel design, optimized for figure-eight lapping pattern, breaks surface tension, eliminating resistance from hydraulic lock; captures excess oil, abrasive and slurry

    Designed to condition or smooth previously ground surfaces (not intended for heavy material removal); use with light mineral or honing oil and silicon carbide (SiC) abrasive grit

    Lap materials up to same surface area of lapping plate

    Made in Canada and patented.

    $163.00 (inc GST)
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