8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder

  • 8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder MDN-200-SL

    Heat is the enemy of woodworking steel and this bench grinder runs at 1,400RPM so heat build-up is reduced when sharpening your woodworking tools. The 375W 4-pole motor has twice the torque of 2,800RPM 2-pole motors so while the motor output is lower, it will still perform well when grinding tool steel. It comes mounted a cast-iron base to absorb vibration and has the following specifications - 

    • 375W (1/2HP) 1400RPM induction motor designed for continuous running

    • Aluminium oxide (white) 60-grit 250 x 25mm wheel for shaping grinds
    • 25mm-wide wheel has adjustable 70 x 40mm toolrest
    • Aluminium oxide (white) 120-grit 250 x 40mm wheel for finder grinding
    • 40mm-wide wheel has adjustable 85 x 40mm toolrest
    • Crystal clear perspex eye-guards for better viewing of grinding when in use
    $199.00 (inc GST)
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