Septone Eliminator Hand Cleaner

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    Septone Eliminator Hand Cleaner

    Paint & Resin Removing Hand Cleaner

    Keep your working hands clean with Septone Eliminator Hand Cleaner, available in 500ml and 4L packs - please choose the correct option from the dropdown.

    Septone Eliminator is a specialty hand cleaner designed specifically to remove paints, resins, adhesives and sealants that standard industrial hand cleaners are unable to remove. The unique blend of biodegradable ester solvents gives Eliminator its uncompromised ability to dissolve paints, resins etc. from hands and skin. 

    Septone Eliminator contains a pumice abrasive that gently but effectively cleans the skin without being too harsh, while the lanolin derivative naturally moisturises the skin. Perfect for anyone who works with their hands, particularly those who work with epoxy, lacquers or even wood oil finishes.

    Septone Eliminator is conveniently packaged. The 400ml option is a convenient resealable squeeze bottle. The 4L pack features an easy to use and resealable hand pump. Both options provide you with a simple and effective hand cleaning solution.

    Directions for Use

    Apply a small amount (one teaspoon) of Eliminator onto the hands. Massage the product thoroughly allowing it to penetrate into the pores of the skin and allowing the pumice to gently remove all of the ingrained material. Rinse off with cold water or warm water and dry or wipe the hands clean using an absorbent cloth if water is not available.

    Avoid contact with eyes. Keep the container sealed and store it in a cool shaded location.


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