Universal Mitre Saw Stand

  • Universal Mitre Saw Stand SW-1001

    For years SWARTS have heard from customers that buy other brand mitre saw stands that say they are universal that still don’t fit their saw because they have offset feet and to get a stand that does accommodate their saw costs upwards of $300. So here it is - an affordable stand that is truly universal that can accommodate all the mitre saws on the market in Australia today. 

    The stand also offers an array of great features you only see in much higher priced stands like a sturdy steel frame that can support a whopping 225kg, heavy duty click lock legs and solid right angle stops on the rollers so the stop supports the bottom and the end of the timber. This means you can do multiple precise cuts at the same length without having to constantly stop for measuring and marking.

    One of the best things about this stand is how quickly and easily it can be set up or packed away. When you receive the stand you bolt your saw to the quick release clamps with the bolts provided and it stays there. That way the saw can be removed from the stand in only 3 seconds using only the clamps and no tools or awkward removal. The stand then folds up using 4 click locks and is fully packed up and stores in less than 20 seconds.

    They also use a bolt and plate design seen in the pictures to the right. Long gone are the days of a little weak bolt that holds the vertical rollers that fails and slides down the moment any kind of weight is put on it. With the bolt and plate design it gives you 10 times the surface area gripping the vertical arm so once you set it, it stays set.


    • Single knob release adjustable roller & stop arms extend between 89 and 190cm
    • Folds up to a minimal 99 x 27 x 25cm for easy storage
    • Solid right angle, fully adjustable stops to support the bottom and end of your work piece when doing multiple precise identical cuts.
    • Sets up in only 30 seconds and packs down in 20 seconds
    • Quick release clamps so you can remove the saw from the stand in only 3 seconds without any tools.
    • Leave the saw bolted to the support clamps for quick set ups and pack downs
    • Sturdy Steel Frame
    • Heavy duty easy-release click locks for the legs
    • Legs can fold up either way allowing either side to fold down first for simple stress free packup
    • Roller height is fully adjustable to match the exact height of the mitre saw base
    • Comfortable working height of 75cm plus saw base height
    • 3 year professional warranty
    • Includes wheels for extra mobility when packed down
    $129.00 (inc GST)
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