Ripping Saw Blades

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    Ripping Saw Blades

    Featuring alternate top bevel ground teeth; a low number of teeth and a 20° hook angle; this ripping blade is ideal for glue line rips in hard and soft woods. Ideal for automatic and manual feeding with low feed rate force. Equipped with pin holes suitable for most popular European machines.

    Code Dia. Bore Teeth Kerf Plate Hook Top Grind
    29025024-M 250mm 30mm 24 2.8 1.8 20° 10° ATB
    29302412-M 300mm 30mm 24 3.2 2.2 20° 10° ATB

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    250mm Diameter Blade
    Now Only $54.50 (inc GST)
    Normally : $59.00
    300mm Diameter Blade
    Now Only $73.00 (inc GST)
    Normally : $79.00

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