Miniature Scraping Plane

  • Miniature Scraping Plane MPSW

    Made of Rosewood and solid brass, these miniature planes are a model or violin maker's dream. Made to an impeccable quality level, they are a pleasure to own and use on delicate and intricate work.

    This miniature scraping plane is great for fine detail scraping where a cabinet scraper is too big or cumbersome to handle getting the desired finish. Crown do make a miniature cabinet scraper set that may suit but for standard flat scraping work on a regular basis this is the best option.

    The blade is produced from high carbon tool steel and is 12.5mm wide. The cutting angle can be adjusted 85 - 110°. The plane body itself is 76 x 19.0mm and measures only 18.5mm high.

    $89.00 (inc GST)

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