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    WASP Sanding Attachment WASPD

    The WASP sanding attachment will fit any drill press adding another function to your drill for a small outlay. It can be attached to your drill quickly and remains permanently in place on standby until you want to sand material but in the meantime doesn't stop using your drill in the normal way.

    Simply put the drive spindle in the chuck, swing the spring-loaded arm forward and slip on a sanding belt and the drill is now a combination drum sander, floppy belt sander and linisher!

    Consider the following advantages

    • It is designed to be used with 610 x 100mm sanding belts, the most common size used in Australia - available everywhere.
    • The unit is powered by a drill press motor which on most drills is at least a powerful 3/4HP - more than most 4 x 6in belt/disc sanders.
    • The table of the drill press acts as a big,solid table rest which can be set at right angles to the belt or tilted as required.
    • The unit comes with a flat plate but a curved attachment can also be made and mounted.
    • Belts can be changed in seconds so the grit can be quickly changed to suit the job at hand.


    Clearance! $45.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $99.00

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