Oscillating Spindle Sander

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    Oscillating Spindle Sander

    Solid and unpretentious sanding power

    This solid sander is great for sanding around curves of just about any size. While there are other benchtop units with a higher power rating, this unit's 1/2HP 4-pole motor runs at the more optimal sanding speed of 1400rpm, which means it will work equally well along the grain and on endgrain.

    4-pole motors also have twice as much torque as 2-pole motors (that run at 2,800RPM). The housing is sturdy folded steel so it absorbs vibration providing a smoother finished edge.

    Why an oscillating spindle sander?

    The three included sander drums have a working height of 110mm and are 3/4in (19.0mm), 1 1/2in (38.1mm) and 2in (50.8mm) diameter. The spindle oscillates (travels up and down) as a simulation to replicate the smooth finish of hand sanding without the effort. 

    The solid cast iron table is suitable for work piece support of most sizes and can be tilted up to 45 degrees. There are six table inserts that allow for each size drum to be used with a flat table or tilted as well with maximum support around the drum for finer detail work.

    Attaching a dust extractor to the integral 2in dust outlet is recommended.


    Motor Size 375W (1/2HP)
    Motor Speed 1400RPM
    Working Height 110mm
    Vertical Travel 24mm
    Oscillations Per Minute 60OPM
    Working Table Size 370 x 370mm





    Spindle Sander
    $399.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $549.00
    19mm 60Grit
    $9.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    19mm 80Grit
    $9.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    19mm 120Grit
    $9.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    35mm 60Grit
    $11.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    35mm 80Grit
    $11.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    35mm 120Grit
    $11.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    50mm 60Grit
    $14.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    50mm 80Grit
    $14.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    50mm 120Grit
    $14.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
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