16in Wide Drum Sander

  • 16in Wide Drum Sander WDS-400-A

    Wide drum sanders are valuable in cabinetmaking as they get the finest of finishes on flat surfaces in shortest period of time - especially on curly grain timbers or burls - that can't be otherwise achieved using hand sanders.

    This unit is an industry-standard model and has a 1HP (750W) direct-drive 1,400rpm motor along with a compact and powerful 95W (1/8HP) DC motor that has variable speed so you can adjust the feed speed to suit the abrasive and material. It is well-built and has been reliable in thousands home workshops for over 20 years.

    • Open sided configuration means it can sand surfaces up to 32in (812mm) wide by flipping the work piece around
    • Capable of sanding exceptionally thin material  - 3.2 - 127mm thick
    • Heavy-duty rubberized variable speed platen can be adjusted to run at 570 - 2700mm/min
    • 2 1/2in diameter dust outlet built into overhead drum guard
    • Rugged aluminium tower and drum frame absorbs vibration
    • Conveyor belt tracking easy to adjust
    • Drum diameter 5in accepts standard 100mm-wide clothed back abrasives
    • Includes stand (not currently shown)
    $1,099.00 (inc GST)

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