Hand Sanding Block - Medium

  • Hand Sanding Block - Medium UH-632-E

    We recommend this sanding block as the perfect all-purpose unit. It is shaped to accept standard 150mm hook & loop abrasive discs with the base measuring 152 x 85mm. The edges of the disc wrap up the sides of the block which makes it great for sanding up against a ledge into corners as the side of the pad can sand in conjunction as the main base.

    Why Hand Sand?

    While many people choose to use belt, random orbit and regular orbital sanders to sand their work pieces - hand sanding is THE best way to finish any work piece. The main reason for this is that you can purely sand along the grain and the level of control when hand sanding is unparalleled. Also, when moving away from flat surfaces it is very difficult to sand into mouldings and other shapes using powered sanders. It is hard, but rewarding work and fine craftsmen eschew power sanders for hand sanding. 

    For all the above reasons we are now stocking a range of hand sanding pads that are some of the best found anywhere in the world. Fully manufactured in Taiwan, each pad is designed to fit comfortably in the hand to reduce fatigue, only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing and will last literally for a lifetime if used in a normal way. Of course all of these factors ensure that using these when hand sanding will produce far superior results to what you would normally find when using hand sanding blocks etc.

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