16in Deluxe Wide Drum Sander

  • 16in Deluxe Wide Drum Sander WDS-400-D

    This sander is perfect if you running many lineal metres of material at any one time. While it loses the ability to run work pieces wider than 16in through twice, it is more than made up by its heavy-duty construction. The fixed head sanding drum with the height determined by raising and lowering the feed table is the same as all industrial machines and improves the stability and therefore finish of the work piece being sanded. Quality upgraded features include - 

    • 1100W (1 1/2HP) direct drive induction motor running at 1,400rpm
    • 150W (1/5HP) DC variable speed feed motor
    • Variable feed speeds of 0.6 - 3m/min
    • Able to sand work piece thicknesses 6.4 - 127mm
    • Single 4in dust outlet built into sanding drum cover
    • 5in diameter drum able to accept standard 100mm-wide clothed back abrasives
    • Includes sturdy and stable stand

    Due to the weight of this machine, please contact us for a personalized freight quote delivered to you.

    $1,599.00 (inc GST)

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