TurnLock BasePlate/Bushing Set

  • TurnLock BasePlate/Bushing Set

    Fast, easy, tool-free exchange of guide bushings on any router - the only product of its kind!

    Forget fumbling with tiny bolts and screwdrivers. The TurnLock™ concept turns changing guide bushings, and installing router attachments, into a simple matter of a 1/4 twist.  Just align the TurnLock™ bushing inside the TurnLock™ base, and twist. The cogs on the outside of the bushing slip into the slots on the inside of the base, locking the bushing in place.  Reverse the process to remove the bushing.

    The TurnLock™ Base Plate is made from clear resin that greatly increases the user's visibility of the work area, and allows for a more consistent alignment of router bits with any template shape. The TurnLock™ base attaches to any of the Milescraft® router attachments via the same principle...align and twist.

    The set contains - 

    - 7in universal TurnLock™ Base Plate that will fit most routers up to 3HP
    - Centering Pin, which aids in an accurate one-time centering of base plate and bushings
    - The 8 most popular size bushings - 
             - 5/16in
             - 3/8in
             - 7/16in
             - 1/2in
             - 2x 5/8in (one standard and one long length)
             - 51/64in
             - 9/16in
             - PLUS a top hat adaptor that converts Porter Cable-style metal bushings into TurnLock™ Quick Change Bushings.

    Also available separately are the complete set of bushings. The perfect companion to Milescraft products that don’t have complete set such as Router Guide and sign-making kits.

    See Milescraft's YouTube video below for more information on this product.

    TurnLock BasePlate Kit
    $34.90 (inc GST)
    TurnLock Bushing Set
    $19.90 (inc GST)

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