Chamfer Moulding Router Bit

  • Chamfer Moulding Router Bit

    Chamfer bits are great for finishing the edge of your work with an edge at a variety of angles from 15 – 45 degrees. By adjusting the bit height, you can change the size of the chamfer to take the sharp edge off a piece of timber all the way through to chamfering the entire height of the work piece as a method of assembling a variety of shapes. 

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Angle

    # of Sides For

    Cutting Depth

    Cutting Height
    Overall Length
    CH-0945-BQ 1/4in 45 deg. 4 sides 6.4mm 9.1mm 50.8mm
    CH-1645-BQ 1/4in 45 deg. 4 sides 11.1mm 15.9mm 58.7mm
    CH-1645-BH 1/2in 45 deg. 4 sides 11.1mm 15.9mm 65.1mm
    CH-2545-BH 1/2in 45 deg. 4 sides 14.3mm 19.0mm 65.1mm
    CH-3245-BH 1/2in 45 deg. 4 sides 22.2mm 31.8mm 79.4mm
    CH-2215-BH 1/2in 15 deg. 12 sides 6.4mm 22.2mm 71.5mm
    CH-2222-BH 1/2in 22 deg. 8 sides 9.5mm 22.2mm 71.5mm
    CH-2230-BH 1/2in 30 deg. 6 sides 12.7mm 22.2mm 71.5mm


    Chamfer Router Bit CH-0945-BQ
    $20.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-1645-BQ
    $25.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-1645-BH
    $25.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-2545-BH
    $38.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-3245-BH
    $55.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-2215-BH
    $25.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-2222-BH
    $28.00 (inc GST)
    Chamfer Router Bit CH-2230-BH
    $32.00 (inc GST)

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