Router Table Dust Collection Box

  • Router Table Dust Collection Box

    The ultimate dust collection solution for most router tables. Designed to bolt directly to the cast-iron tables, this dust collection box can be mounted to the underside of the Torquata MDF table as well as any other home-built table top by screwing to the bottom of the table.

    You hook up the included 2 1/2in hose to the dust outlet on the fence and then connect it to the 4in dust outlet at the rear to attach to your dust collector.

    Because you now have collection right next to the bit and also underneath the table, this solution removes around 98% of all dust, including a lot of the fine dust that otherwise settles in your workshop, keeping your workspace tidy and air healthy. 

    The box has a magnetized door latch, as well as external vent to improve airflow to reduce routers overheating and a sealable cord outlet. 

    Now also available is the 4in plastic dust port and the hose on its own so if you want to make your own collection box or have another machine you can use it on you can buy it separately.

    Dust Collection Box Kit
    $139.00 (inc GST)
    Collection Box 4in Plastic Outlet Only
    $13.00 (inc GST)

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