Router Bit Accessories

Timbecon offers a wide range of router bit accessories around Australia. Our aim is provide everything you need to get woodworking.

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  • Lock Mitre Setup Jigs

    From $69.00 (inc GST)
  • Router Bit Bearings

    All Torquata bearings are made in Japan and fully sealed for long life. Full range can be used on our own Torquata range as well as other popular brands like Carbitool, CMT, Freud etc.

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    From $6.00 (inc GST)
  • Router Bit Lock Rings, Screws & Washers

    A range of router bit hardware that can be used on Torquata, CMT, Carbitool or other router bit brands. High quality for long-life. 


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    From $3.50 (inc GST)
  • Router Bit Sharpener MP-20009

    $34.90 (inc GST)
  • Router Bit Tidies

    A cost-effective way to build your own router bit organizer. Each base measures 111 x 78mm and can be joined together to make it as long or as short as you need to. Bright orange so its easily visible in the workshop.

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    From $2.50 (inc GST)
  • Router Collet Extensions

    Get a longer reach from your router when mounted in a table by using this collet extension. It will add as much as 45mm to the shaft length of your existing bit making it easier to access when changing over and setting up. 


    *Not recommended for bits greater than 50mm diameter.

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    From $64.90 (inc GST)
  • Router Collet Sleeve 1/2 - 1/4in RCS-12764

    Need a collet reducer to fit 1/4in bits in your 1/2in router? Each collet reducer is machined and tested before shipping to ensure minimal run-out in use.

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    $9.00 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
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